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Mixed rose sheaf

Mixed rose sheaf

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Information Needed For Funerals

If Purchasing an arrangement for a funeral please supply us with information regarding:

- The time of the service
- Which funeral directors are taking care of your loved one
- Any special requests

You can do this by adding a note above in the funeral notes section or contacting us via phone, email, or contact form.

See the "contact us" page on the home menu to find out how to get in touch.

Create a beautiful tribute with our mixed rose sheaf. Each sheaf is carefully crafted with a variety of seasonal foliage, making it a heartfelt and vibrant display for any funeral or memorial service. Honour your loved one with a meaningful arrangement that conveys your deepest sympathies.

In notes please advise which colours you wish the roses to be.

*NOTE* This Item can only be delivered locally, check our local delivery area using the chat feature in the bottom right. Please allow 3 days when ordering this item.

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